A typical portrait session at the Helen.J.Bray studio is relaxed, calm and probably unlike any other portrait experience you’ve ever had. We will never rush you along and we will take all the time needed to be sure that we  create a fantastic set of images for you to choose from.


Without a doubt, newborns are one of our favorite ages to photograph. We consider it an honor to capture those early days of your new babies life. The little fingers and toes, the wispy hair and the perfect little sleepy faces, our style highlights the beautiful features that define your baby. We combine both our photographic talent and our ability to gently pose and light newborn subjects to create beautiful, gentle and unique portraits that will be cherished for a life time.

Newborns should be photographed between birth and three weeks of age if possible. During this time they retain some of the natural curl from before they were born. They are also more sleepy and flexible, so we are able to achieve the most beautiful poses. We recommend you book an appointment while you are still pregnant, we can always adjust the time if needed when baby arrives.

Every session is unique to your child. Newborn sessions are slow paced with lots of feeding and soothing. It’s not unusual for a newborn session to take upwards of 3 hours, however, we are usually able to capture enough images and complete the session in about 2 hours.


Children are so much fun. The session may be a little crazy, because it isn’t always in their nature to sit still and “pose”. We like to give your kids the time and space needed to be able to create the perfect images. There is no rush, they are free to play and explore. Often the best shots are taken when we are messing about and playing games. Whether the session takes place in our studio or outside using one of many fantastic locations around the Holme Valley our aim is to create unique portraits that will be treasured for a life time.


Individual, different, moody and totally unique! our teen portraits are just like your teenagers. Each session is unique to the sitter, we listen to what they and you want and create fantastic, moving images that reflect them at this time. So, if they have just become a teenager or are flying the nest on their way to collage, We will create images that you’ll both love.


We want to capture the true sense of the moment in every image we create. Instead of stiff, regimented, one size fits all pictures. We want to create images that reflect each individuals personality, and say  something about the relationships between the people in the portrait. A family portrait is ultimately about the people in it, and that it should capture who you are right now. Your portrait should be unique just like you and your family and that is what our images are all about : creating art that captures life.

To book your portrait session or to talk to us about your ideas and requirements please call or email the studio via the contact us page.

Kindest regards

Helen & Nigel